Xyron Laminators, Sticker Makers and Other Scrapbooking Tools

Xyron laminators are pretty interesting little machines. They don’t fit under any of the more common laminator categories. They are, in a way, a type of roll laminator. Yet Xyron laminators do not use heat and use specially designed cartridges. Xyron laminators have grown in popularity among the scrapbooking crowd over the last 10 years.

Why are they so popular with scrapbookers (scrappers)? For one, they are very easy to use and are very portable. They are fairly inexpensive, for what they do. Because they are compact, they can easily be taken from one place to another. The biggest reason they are popular is because of what they can do.

Not only do Xyron laminators laminate photographs, paper and other material, but they can also be used to create stickers. Some cartridges apply adhesive to the back of the document for permanent applications and others are designed for temporary applications. This means that people can create a sticker from pictures of their kids, pets, family and more.

Most of Xyron’s lamination cartridges are acid-free. This means that paper will not yellow over time and photographs will not degrade. If you’re a scrapper, you know how important acid-free paper and lamination film can be. Xyron laminators range dramatically in size, from something as small as 9-inches up to a laminator that is 25-inches wide.

Xyron laminators are known as “green” laminators. This is because they require no power to be operated. They feature a manually operated hand crank. This means that a die-hard scrapbooker can add to their scrapbook by candlelight during a power outage or they can continue their scrapbooking efforts while camping.

You can find ABC Office’s selection of Xyron laminators here.

Here is a video demo of a Xyron laminator in use:


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