Best All-Around Shrink Wrap Machines

We often get asked which shrink wrap machine is best for daily packaging of a variety of different products. This may involved CDs, soap, chocolate, software and more. I have a couple of great options.

There are two primary types of shrink wrap machines. The first type is an I-bar (straight bar) and the second is an L-bar. The machine you get will depend on your preference and the volume you are packaging.

An I-bar sealer has a single cutting bar that cuts and seals the film. Because it only cuts one side at a time, it usually requires two passes to completely encapsulate a product. Why only two passes?

Assuming you are using centerfold shrink wrap film, the folded side is already sealed leaving three open sides.

Every time an I-bar sealer is used, not only does it cut the film for your package, but it also seals one side of the film for the next package. This leaves a total of two open sides for each consecutive package.  A heat gun is typically used to shrink the film.

An L-bar sealer has two cutting and sealing bars, in the shape of an L. As previously described with the I-bar sealer, the film usually only has two open sizes, which means an L-bar sealer will completely encapsulate a packaging in one pass. Many L-bar sealers come with a heat tunnel, although a heat gun may be used.

We have two recommended I-bar and two recommended L-bar sealers for your daily packaging needs. These are as follows:

Top I-Bar Sealers

Top L-Bar Sealers

You can see our entire selection of shrink wrap machines and equipment here.

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