Hydraulic Stack Paper Cutters – Duplo 490, 490P & 660P Now Online

We have just added three new hydraulic stack cutters to our site. These are the Duplo 490, Duplo 490P and the Duplo 660P. These aren’t your typical scrapbooking paper cutters. These are the types of cutters that printers will use to cut down large printing jobs. The 660P, which is the biggest of the three, can cut up to almost four-inches of paper at a time.

Hydraulic paper cutters are considered to be the workhorses of the commercial cutting world. They are designed to be used continuously throughout the day. These cutters pack quite a punch. They can be a little intimidating to use at first, but the controller interface is easy to use and there are many built-in safety features to prevent injury.

Duplo is considered to be one of the most reputable office equipment manufacturers in existence today. Duplo has been manufacturing paper-handling machines since 1951.

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Keith Barlow

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