Top 7 Best Vacuum Sealers for Food Packaging

Chamber-Style Vacuum SealersVacuum sealers are a fast, effective and reliable way to package food. There are a lot of vacuum sealers out there. Which models are best for your home or business? This can be a difficult choice, especially with so many cheap “As Seen On TV” models and sub-par imported designs.

I will give you a few recommendations on vacuum sealers that have proven themselves to be reliable and have a good track record with our Service Department.

First of all, you should be aware that there are two different types of vacuum sealers. These two designs are:

External – External sealers are the most common in-home machines used today. They consist of a bag, used to hold food, with one open end. The open end is inserted into the machine where the air is removed and the bag is sealed.

Chamber – Chamber sealers are used for higher-volume industrial and commercial packaging. Food is placed in a bag, after which the bag is placed in the chamber. Air is removed from the chamber, the bag is sealed and the food is packaged.

These are my top 7 vacuum sealer recommendations based on customer feedback and track record. This includes both chamber and external designs:

  1. Minipack MVS 31 (Inexpensive. Great for low to medium-volume use. Most popular model sold.)
  2. Minipack MVS 45 (Wider chamber than MVS 31. Great for low to medium-volume use.)
  3. Minipack Food Vac (Great for home and small-volume use.)
  4. Minipack MVS 65 (Great for medium to high-volume use)
  5. Aline AVS-20 (Great for medium to high-volume external bag use.)
  6. Minipack Mini 2010 (Great for low to medium-volume home use & external bag packaging.)
  7. Minipack MVS 50 (Great for medium to high-volume use)

You can find our entire selection of vacuum sealers here. Have a question? Leave me a comment.


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