Automatic Collators – Why Use One?

Automatic Collating MachinesThe concept of collating documents was a little foreign to me when I first got into the office equipment business. It was then explained to me in a very easy way.

Remember when you were in school and the teacher would place six different stacks of paper on a table with a stapler at the end? The teacher would then ask all the students to form a line and take one sheet from each stack and later staple it. Voila, a human-powered collator.

Although using a line of people to collate six different stacks of paper can be pretty fast, it is completely inefficient. It takes a lot of time and energy to manually collate paper. This is why automatic collators are so ideal to use for collating several stacks of paper.

Automated collators usually have several different trays for separate stacks of paper. Many have up to 10 trays. Some of the larger units feature two 10-tower units linked together for a total of 20 trays. Many collators even feature an integrated stapler for corner stapling.

Collators are also commonly used for creating booklets, with some collators commonly being integrated with booklet makers. Paper is first placed in the collating trays; the collator then creates a collated stack. The collated stack is then fed into the booklet maker where it is folded and stapled.

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Keith Barlow

Keith is a third generation office equipment expert. ABC Office was started by his grandfather back in 1980 and he is proud to be caring on the values that made ABC Office what it is today… unsurpassed selection, detailed information, low prices, and courteous support.

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