Q & A With Dave – Common Coil Binding Machine Questions

Coil Binding MachinesWe often get great questions from customers with regards to our office equipment. I just had a great chat with a customer who asked some very good and commonly asked questions regarding coil-binding machines. Included in this post is that conversation. Hopefully you will be able to pull some good information from it. Enjoy!

Customer: I am looking to buy a spiral binding machine and am pretty new at this.

Dave: Sounds good. How many books would you like to bind per day?

Customer: It’s for office use. I would say 2-3, about 65 pages each.

Dave: Would you be OK with a manually operated punch or would you like an electric punch?

Customer: Could I punch all 65 sheets at a time with a manual machine?

Dave: It won’t be able to punch all 65 at once, but you would be able to punch 15 or so sheets at a time until all 65 were punched. Electric punches are unable to punch 65 at once either, but can often punch a few more sheets at a time.

Customer: I need something inexpensive.

Dave: If you will only be binding 2-3 books a day, a manual punch should be fine. My recommendation, for spiral binding on a budget, would be the Akiles CoilMac-ER found here. This machine has a manual punch, but includes an electric coil inserter.

Customer: How much do the prices of the coils run per book?

Dave: They are sold in boxes of 100. The price varies a bit, depending on the diameter you use. You can find the coil supplies here. Coil binding supplies are available in two different hole patterns (4:1 pitch and 5:1 pitch). The machine I recommended for you uses 4:1 pitch holes.

Customer: I got it. Thanks for your help


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