Digital Signature Capture Pads – What To Look For

Signature Capture Pads from TopazSignature capture pads are found almost everywhere now. They are used in retail stores at the checkout, in the pharmacy for signing for a prescription or even in an office for digitally signing legal documents. These digital capture pads are also widely used to ad signatures to photo ID cards and security badges.

One observation you may have made when using these devices is that some work much better than others. Quality amongst signature capture pads varies wildly among makes and models. Sometimes people are simply using the wrong capture pad for the wrong job. We sell a wide variety of digital signature capture pads from Topaz.

Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when shopping around for a signature capture pad.

Visual Display – Some signature capture pads only capture the signature, but do not give you a visual representation in “e-ink.” Most signature capture pads will give you some sort of e-ink display.

Backlit Screen – Not all signature capture pads are backlit. If you plan on using a signature capture pad in a dark or low-lit room, be sure you get a model that is backlit.

Number of Signatures – Signature capture pads are rated for a certain number of signatures. The SigLite 1X5 is an example of a model that is rated for 10,000 signatures. The SignatureGemLCD 1×5 is an example of a model that is rated for 250,000+ signatures.

Signing Area – How big an area do you need? If you only need a signature, a 1×5 pad will be more than efficient. If you need to display additional text, menu options or wording, a pad with taller dimensions will be required.

Developer Software Tool Kits – Most signature capture pads we sell from Topaz will work with programs designed to be used with signature capture pads. We offer software development tools for free that can be used to integrate our Topaz pads with software or databases. You can find these developer software tools here.

We offer a huge selection of Topaz brand digital signature capture pads. You can find our entire selection of these signature pads here.

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