Envelope Stuffing Machines, Folder Inserters and Tabbers (Tools For Mailing Literature)

What is the best way to fold invoices, bills, promotional material and other paper for the purpose of mailing? While this can be done manually, it can be costly and time consuming, not to mention the nasty paper cuts. Thanks to modern technology, most mailing products can now be done using machines.

The machine (method) used for mailing literature varies depending on exactly what you are mailing and what your budget is. Here are a few of the most common methods used today.

Folding Machines – Automatic folding machines (aka paper folders) can be used to fold paper into a C fold (letter fold) or a Z fold (accordion fold) for the purpose of mailing. A single fold is also common for mailing tabbed marketing literature. A paper folder is probably one of the most affordable automated machines that can be used for mailing literature. Once the letter is folded, it can then be manually inserted into an envelope or fed into a tabbing machine. This is ideal for low to medium volume mailing. You can find our paper folders here.
Mail Tabbing Machines
Mail Tabbers – You have probably received promotional material in your mailbox that has been sealed using a tabbing machine. This may be a promotional flier for lawn treatment, or an advertisement for cheap Internet. “Letter folded” or “single folded” paper, taken off a paper folder, is fed into the tabber. The tabber is then used to apply a round tab on the open edge of the folded document, keeping it secure during mailing. The tab is broken to gain access to the folded material. You will find our tabbing machines here.

Folder Inserters – These are the Cadillacs of the mailing industry. These machines do it all. Place your paper in the machine and the folder inserter will then fold the paper, insert it into an envelope and seal it shut. This is all automated and done by the machine. Very little human interaction is involved. Multiple sheets, and even inserters / return envelopes, can be put in the envelope, depending on the model used. These machines are ideal for medium to high-volume use. You can find our entire selection of Formax folder inserters here.

Paper Folder Sealers / Pressure SealersFolder Sealers – Folder sealers use a special pressure sensitive paper. This paper has special glue bubbles that are integrated into the paper. Safe for printers, this paper may be printed on to include a check, a bill or other literature. Once taken of the printer, this special paper is inserted into the folder sealer. The folder sealer will fold the paper and apply pressure to the glue pockets, causing them to burst and seal the paper shut for mailing. These machines are commonly used by banks and are ideal for medium to high-volume use. You can find our entire selection of folder sealers here.

All of these methods can be used to create professional, effective mailers. Have additional questions about folding and mailing material? Have a suggestion on something that has worked for you? Post your comments here!

Keith Barlow

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