Gutter Cut Business Card Cutters and Full Bleed Cards

Business card cutters have been around for some time now, both electric and manually-powered versions. Gutter cut business card cutters, however, are relatively new. They are designed to cut business cards in a way that allows for a full bleed print. Full bleed business cards are cards that feature full edge-to-edge color.

What does the gutter cut business card cutter do that a standard business card cutter can’t? Why not use a standard business card cutter for full-bleed prints? First of all, it is difficult to print a full bleed card using a standard business card template. If this were done, business card colors would bleed over in to other cards, ruining them.

Business Card Cutter Patterns
Even if the print turned out OK, it would be very difficult to align a standard business card cutter to cut the line straight enough that the full-bleed color from one card, even a sliver, wouldn’t appear on another card. In other words, there would be some fine-tuned alignment issues.

Business card cutters, like the Martin Yale GC210, are designed to cut a gutter cut business card template. This doesn’t mean the GC210 can only cut full-bleed prints. It can also cut out more traditional prints that utilize more white space. The GC210 uses a 10-up cutting pattern, which allows it to cut 10 cards per sheet of paper. You can view the new Martin Yale GC210 business card cutter here.

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