What Are The Most Common Fold Types? (Paper Folding Machines)

Paper Folding MachinesSo what are the most common fold types used today? Can you expect your folding machine to create them all? I will go over some of the most common folds used by paper folders and answer a few common paper folder questions. Let’s start with the most common fold types.

The two most common fold types used today are the letter fold and accordion fold. These two fold styles are also commonly called the C fold (letter) and Z fold (accordion). Both of these fold types are used for sending mailers and letters. The letter fold (C fold) is the most common.

The next most common fold is the half fold, sometimes referred to as the single or “V” fold. This basically involves folding a single sheet of paper in half. This is commonly used for creating programs for concerts, plays and other events.

Single (Half, V)
Single (Half, V) fold
Standard Letter (C)
Letter (C) fold
Z (Accordion) fold
Z (Accordion) fold

A few other less common, but standard folds, are the double parallel fold, French fold (aka cross fold), half accordion fold (aka engineering fold) and gate fold. You will see an example of theses folds below.

Double Parallel  fold
Double Parallel
Cross Fold (French, Right)  fold
Cross Fold
(French, Right) fold
Half Accordion (Fold-out, Engineering) fold
Half Accordion
(Fold-out, Engineering) fold
Gate fold
Gate fold

Most paper folders can create the folds mentioned, with the French fold probably being the exception. While the French fold is pretty common with paper folders, not all are capable of creating it.

Can paper folders create custom folds? Most paper folders will give you the option of tweaking the fold plates and creating your own custom folds.

You may view our entire line of paper folding machines here. We also have a very informative paper folding guide found here.

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