Top 5 Best Corner Rounders

Best Corner RoundersSeveral customers have recently asked me which one of our corner rounders is the best. This question isn’t too hard for me to answer as I have been handling, using and selling corner rounders for 10 years. To start with, I can tell you hands down that Lassco and Akiles are by far the two most superior corner rounder manufacturers out there. Lassco is well known for its Cornerounder® line.

The corner rounder you use will ultimately depend on how many sheets you need to round, what you will be cutting and where you need to use it. Corner rounders come in desktop, floor model, manual, electric and pneumatic designs. For most corner rounding jobs, I would highly recommend the following models:

Top 5 Best Corner Rounders

  1. Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder
  2. Akiles Diamond-1 Corner Rounder
  3. Lassco CR-50B Cornerounder
  4. Lassco CR-50XP Pneumatic Cornerounder
  5. Akiles Diamond-5 Industrial Corner Rounder

You may find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

Keith Barlow

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