Why Use A Carrier For Pouch Lamination?

Lamination CarriersLamination carriers have been around for decades and are nothing new to the lamination industry. How are they used? After placing your document in a lamination pouch, the pouch is then placed in a carrier prior to being run through a pouch laminator.

What’s the main purpose of a carrier? The main purpose is to provide the pouch with added support, preventing wraparounds and jams, as well as preventing hot glue from squeezing out onto silicon rollers and other important pouch laminator components.

Many of the newer pouch laminators claim they can laminate without the use of a carrier. While this may be true, I personally recommend still using a carrier. This isn’t because I want you to purchase more carriers, after all, most lamination pouches come with carriers. It is because I personally believe that carriers will extend the life of your laminator.

Even though newer laminators may be less prone to jams, the pouch still gets hot and hot glue still squeezes out of the sides of the pouch as pressure is applied. This glue can still get on rubber rollers inside the machine and decrease the effectiveness of your laminator.

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