Why Use A Paper Shredder Bag?

Paper Shredder BagsWhat is the purpose of a shredder bag? Obviously they are used in a shredder for holding shred particles, but are they necessary? Why not just use a garbage bag? Seems simple enough. Here are a few answers to these commonly asked questions.

Shredder bags are used in paper shredders to collect shredded documents. Seems simple enough. The nice thing about shredder bags is that they make emptying a paper shredder easy. Simply pull out the bin, tie off the bag and put in a new bag.

I have emptied shredders that didn’t use a shred bag. It was not easy. Static electricity builds in shredded paper and the end result was a huge mess with diamond-shaped particles all over the floor.

So, we have determined that shredder bags are a good thing. So why not just use a garbage bag? The reason: the bags don’t fit. Sure you can use a large garbage bag in a shredder, but there is usually excess bag and gaps are left open.

In the end, you have to change your bag more often, because a large portion of the bin is filled with excess bag plastic. Because the bag doesn’t fit correctly, gaps cause particles of paper to still fall into the cabinet of the shredder, causing a mess anyway.

We offer a great selection of exact-fit shredder bags for Fellowes, Destroyit, Dahle, Kobra, Intimus and other brands. Our bags are OEM replacement bags designed to fit your shredder like a glove. Using a correct-size bag makes all the difference in the world when it comes to emptying a shredder. You can find our entire selection of shredder bags here.

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