Best Martin Yale Paper Folding Machines

Martin Yale Paper Folding Machines / Paper Folders Martin Yale has been making paper folding machines for well over a decade now, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. So among all the Martin Yale paper folding machines out there, which are the most popular among our customers? I will highlight seven of our customers’ favorite models and will explain why this is the case.

Martin Yale makes two different types of paper folding machines. These are friction feed and air feed paper folders. Friction feed paper folding machines use rubber wheels to pull paper into the machine where air-feed paper folders use air to suck the paper into the machine. Friction-feed paper folders usually cost less, but cannot handle the slick glossy paper the air-feed paper folders can.

These Are The Seven Best Martin Yale Paper Folding Machines:

  1. Martin Yale CV7 (1501X) Paper Folder – This paper folder has been around for years and has been proven to be a reliable and affordable design.
  2. Martin Yale 1217A Paper Folding Machine – This paper folder has also been around for years and is the next step up from the CV7 in folding volume and paper size capacity.
  3. Martin Yale 959 Paper Folder – This is the workhorse of the Martin Yale fleet of folding machines. This folder is popular with print shops because it can fold a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses throughout the day.
  4. Martin Yale 959AF Air Feed Folding Machine – Like its friction-feed cousin, the 959 air feed is perfect for commercial folding applications and can easily handle glossy paper.
  5. Intimus 2051 SmartFold Automatic Folding Machine by Martin Yale – This is a rising star among the Martin Yale paper folders. It is fully automatic, extremely easy to set up and is ideal for continuous folding operations.
  6. Martin Yale P7400 Folding Machine – This paper folder is one of the least expensive paper folding machines Martin Yale offers. It isn’t designed for high-volume use, but is perfect for low to medium-volume applications.
  7. Martin Yale P6200 Folding Machine – This little machine is the least expensive Martin Yale paper folder we currently offer. It is designed for low-volume use and is best used on a desk for the occasional folding of letters.

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