Desktop, Manual and Automatic Paper Folding Machines

Paper Folding Machines - Dynafold DE-202AFThere are so many different types of paper folding machines out there, it can often be confusing and difficult to understand exactly what differentiates them. Paper folders are categorized as desktop, manually operated and fully automatic. Why is this? What makes one paper folding machine manual and the other automatic? Here is a quick breakdown on the biggest differences between paper folding machines.

Paper Folding Machine Designs:

Desktop Paper Folders – Desktop paper folders are typically compact and designed to do just one or two fold types and that’s it, with one usually being a letter fold. They are designed to be used a few dozen times a day maximum. An example of this type of paper folder is the Martin Yale P6200 found here.

Manual Paper Folding Machine – These paper folders are designed to take a stack of paper, often 100 plus sheets, and quickly fold them. These paper folders are electric, but still require that the folding plates be manually adjusted. This usually involves loosening thumbscrews, sliding a plate and tightening the screws. These types of paper folders are ideal if you will only be creating a few types of folds per day. The Dynafold DE-102AF is a prime example of a manually set up paper folding machine.

Intimus 2051 Automatic Paper Folding MachineAutomatic Paper Folding Machine – These paper folders are the easiest to set up. They usually have a control panel that can be used to select a fold type. Once selected, automatic paper folders will automatically adjusting the folding plates without any manual involvement. These types of paper folders may still run at the same speed as a manual folding machine, but are faster to set up. These are ideal if you will be creating a wide range of fold types throughout the day. The Intimus 2051 paper folding machine is a good example of an automatic paper folder.

Feed Types:

Friction Feed Paper Folding Machines – These paper folders use a rubber wheel, often more than one, to pull paper into the machine. This system is very effective, but does not work as well with paper that is glossy because the friction wheels can slip on the paper. This is the most common paper folder used. You can find our friction-feed paper folders here.

Pneumatic (Air Feed) Paper Folders – These paper folders can be manually or automatically set up. The advantage of a pneumatic paper folding machine is that they can be used with glossy paper. They are also commonly used for commercial and industrial paper folding. You can find our air-feed paper folders here.

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