Rotary Paper Cutters and Trimmers / Advantages and Disadvantages

Rotary Paper Cutters & TrimmersRotary paper cutters and trimmers are one of the most common types of cutting devices used today. These cutters are used for cutting paper, card stock, laminated documents, photographs and much more. What are some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using a rotary paper trimmer? This article will highlight some of these.

Rotary Paper Trimmers Advantages / Disadvantages:

Advantages: Rotary paper trimmers, such as Rotatrim, are best known for their precision cutting abilities. They can cut a photograph with a perfectly straight edge. The bases often include a grid for proper alignment and an adjustable guide bar for additional alignment.

Disadvantages: Rotary paper trimmers don’t have the cutting capacity of a guillotine trimmer. Most rotary trimmers can only cut a few sheets at a time. Higher-end cutters, such as Rotatrim, can cut more paper, but capacity is still something to take into consideration.

Things To Look For: For added stability, you will want to get a rotary trimmer with a double slide rails or a square slide rail. This helps keep the cutting head in place. If inches is a necessity, you may want to ask prior to making a purchase. Many rotary trimmers have measurements in metric only.

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2 Responses to “Rotary Paper Cutters and Trimmers / Advantages and Disadvantages”

  1. Isa Says:

    I need a cutter mainly to trim the white edges of a laser printed booklet to get a full bleed effect. Booklets are 20-30 pages of thick stock paper. The custom pages should look even after being cut.

    This is a low volume job (200-300 pages a month) so I don’t want to spend too much. Would a Rotatrim do the trick or do I have to get an expensive stack cutter? I’m just concerned that with a rotary cutter, the multiple cuts needed to make the booklet may be slightly uneven and the booklet needs to look professional. On the other hand, for my volume, a stack cutter is overkill. What do you recommend?

  2. Dave Says:

    For that small an amount of paper per month, I think you would be fine using a Rotatrim. Just make sure you get one long enough to handle your largest sheet of paper. If you expect your volume to increase over the coming months or years, you may want to consider a stack cutter. A Rotatrim would probably take an hour or so to finish 200-300 pages, where a stack cutter can do it in minutes.

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