Strongest & Most Heavy-Duty Binding Machine Styles

Coil / Spiral Binding SuppliesA few days ago a customer asked me which binding style was the best. I asked him exactly what he meant by “best.” The customer then went on to explain that he worked in construction and had to bind plans and documents to take to the work site.

He told me that the bound documents would probably be tossed around, stepped on and abused. He then said, “I need something that will hold up through all this without falling apart.”

I then went on to explain to him the advantages and disadvantages of the different binding formats when being used in a construction environment. Here is a summary of what I told him:

Most Durable Binding Formats:

  1. Coil Binding – Coil binding (aka Spiral Binding) wins this contest hands down. Coils can literally be run over by a car and still maintain the bind. The pages turn a full 360 degrees and are perfect for a construction work site.
  2. Comb Binding – Comb binding is very durable, and affordable. Because the spines are made from plastic, they hold up pretty well. The bind, however, will show signs of wear faster that a coil-bound document.
  3. VeloBinding – VeloBinding is extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The downside, with regards to the customer’s question, is that VeloBound pages cannot turn a full 360 degrees, making this binding format less user friendly for a construction site.
  4. Wire Binding – Wire binding is probably the least durable of the common binding formats. Wire binding spines can be bent and do not hold their form well when exposed to rigorous environments.

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