Types Of Text Perforators / Perforating Machines

Text Perforators / Perforating MachinesWhen most people think of perforators, they think of a machine that creates tiny hole in a straight line, much like the perforations found in your checkbook, making paper easy to tear. So what is a text perforator? Text perforators, like perforating machines, create tiny holes in paper, but that’s where the similarities end.

Text perforators are used much like a stamp. They punch tiny holes in paper in the form of text. That text may say PAID, VOID or CANCEL. This is often done for document control purposes. Some text perforators allow for custom text, thanks to an adjustable perforating dial.

At ABC Office we offer two different text-perforating machines made by Widmer. These are the Widmer P-400 series text perforators and the model ABE 800-1 date perforator.

I have personally handled text perforators and the models we carry are made from die cast metal and are extremely heavy duty. The text perforating process is very simple. Place the paper into the text perforator and pull the handle. The manual effort involved in pulling the handle is minimal. Most of our perforators are able to handle 15 sheets of standard paper at a time.

The Widemer P-400 is available in six different designs, depending on what you want the text to say. Text options are PAID, VOID, CANCEL, PAGADO, CANCELADO and customizable sixth model designed to perforate up to 5 or 6 characters. You can find the Widmer P400 text perforator here.

The Widmer ABE 800-1 is a date perforator designed to perforate the date into paper. The date is set up by adjusting a dial. You can find the Widmer ABE 800-1 date perforator here.

Text perforations are great for document control. These are especially good for voiding and canceling documents. Unlike ink stamps, perforated text is very easy to read and will not become smudged or unreadable.

Keith Barlow

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