Akiles Diamond-1 Corner Rounder Review

Akiles Diamond-1 Corner RounderDo you need a fast, effective and easy way to cut corners off of paper? What you need is a corner rounder. This useful machine makes corner cutting quick and easy. If you haven’t settled on any one machine, you should seriously consider the Akiles Diamond-1 corner rounder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, Akiles is probably one of the best-known and reputable manufacturers we carry. They manufacture office equipment such as binding machines, paper cutters, corner rounders and more. Akiles equipment is known for having excellent build quality and usually holds up for years.

The Diamond-1 is a heavy-duty manual corner cutter. It uses a cutting die that is actuated by pulling a specially leveraged handle. The entire process is quick and easy. The Akiles Diamind-1 has a 0.4-inch cutting capacity, which equals out to be almost a ½-inch stack of paper.

You have your choice of one cutting die with the machine, but it can use multiple cutting dies. This means you can cut corners at a 1/8-inch radius, swap out the die, and then cut at a ¼-inch radius. The cutting dies are very easy to swap out.

The handle is long enough and leveraged well enough to be able to cut paper very easily. I have used this corner rounder and it really does require very little effort. It doesn’t only cut paper, but also cuts PVC, polyester, leather and polypropylene.

This corner rounder can be used to round the corners on business cards, report covers and playing cards. We have even had people use the Akiles Diamond-1 to cut corners off of laminated paper, photographs, ID cards and more.

I have personally used the Akiles Diamond-1 and can vouch for its quality and performance. The Diamond-1 is also available in an electric model called the Diamond-5, which has a cutting capacity of 1.97-inches. You can find the Diamond-1 corner rounder here and the Diamond-5 corner cutter here.  You can find our entire selection of corner rounding machines here.

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