Akiles FlexiPunch-M Binding Machine Punch Review

Akiles FlexiPunch-M Binding Machine PunchSometimes it is pretty difficult to settle on one single binding format. All “spine” binding formats look great and they all have their benefits. If you are looking for a multi-format binding machine (one that punches all binding formats), and you like the quality of Akiles binding machines, you should consider the Akiles FexiPunch-M binding machine (found here). Here’s my review of the machine.

The FlexiPunch-M is very similar in design and concept to the Rhin-O-Tuff OD 4800. The FlexiPunch-M is basically a punch that can be used with separate Akiles supplemental binding modules such as a comb opener, a wire closer or a coil inserter. It is that simple.

You want to punch and bind for comb? Use the comb binding punch and a separate comb opener module. The dies are completely interchangeable. Just slide out the comb punch and insert the wire punch for wire punching.

You don’t have to use the FlexiPunch-M with a separate binding module. Many people like to use the FlexiPunch-M as a separate punch for high-volume binding. This allows one person to operate the FlexiPunch-M and another person to operate an all-in-one binding machine. Punching paper is typically the longest part of binding comb, wire and coil books.

Unlike the Rhin-O-Tuff OD 4800, the FlexiPunch-M has selectable punching dies, which is awesome for a modular binding machine. This allows you to disable punching pins. This is ideal when punching custom paper sizes. It also helps eliminate half-punched holes that show up on the edge of paper.

Overall the build quality on the FlexiPunch-M is top notch. It is made from quality metal components, which is commonplace with Akiles. It is compact enough to be used on almost any desk or surface.

Akiles WBM-532 Modular Wire CloserThese are the separate binding modules you can use with the FlexiPunch-M:

Ultimately the Akiles FlexiPunch-M is best suited for additional punching capacity and versatility in the binding format you use. You can find the FlexiPunch-M binding machine here. You will find our entire selection of modular binding machines here.

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