Benefits of a Back Support Belt or Brace

Back Support Belts and BracesDid you know that back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace and cost the U.S. an estimated 20 to 50 billion dollars per year? Not only do back injuries cost employers money, they also result in painful back issues that often last a lifetime. So how can you combat the possibility of a back injury? Back support belts and proper education are a couple of ways to help.

Back support belts and braces are both a preventative and a treatment tool. One of the biggest benefits of back support belts is their ability to provide added posture support and back stability. Incorrect posture, while lifting, is a significant factor when it comes to back injuries.

Back support belts and braces are also ideal for use with someone who has previously experienced a back injury. The belt helps provide added support, especially when someone is dealing with a torn muscle or other back injury.

A back support belt will not work if you are using an incorrect belt size. If the belt is too big, it will not provide any support, and if it is too small, it will not provide correct support (not to mention small belts are very uncomfortable). It is also a good idea to try several different styles of belts. Some people will find more benefits with one design over another.

Back Support BracesBack support belts should be properly tightened when heavy lifting occurs, but do not need to be “cinched-up” at all times. Why is this? A belt that is cinched, when no lifting is being done, can result in employee complaints and discomfort. This may result in improper use of the belt or lack of a belt when it is really needed.

Back support belts also help with preventing abdominal injuries while lifting. Why is this? Most back support belts wrap around to the front, helping provide muscle support to the abdominal wall. This helps cut down on abdominal ruptures and tears. Be aware, however, that back support belts are more of a preventative measure than a treatment for abdominal injuries.

You may have heard this thousands of times, but simple lifting practices will help more than any belt. This includes proper posture and lifting with the knees, not the back. You will find our entire selection of back support belts here. Our back support belts and braces are designed to provide maximum back support while providing maximum comfort.

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