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Envelope Stuffing MachinesWouldn’t it be nice if there was a machine out there that could not only fold your letters, but also place them in an envelope and seal them shut? That would probably save hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars over a fairly short period of time.

Guess what? Machines like that do exist, and they are called envelope stuffers, sealers and folder inserters.

At ABC Office we carry a line of machines that do just that. Our line of folding and inserting machines are made by the reputable manufacturer Formax.  These machines typically have a feed tray where you can place a stack of paper. The envelope stuffing machine then takes a sheet of paper from that stack, folds it, puts it in an envelope and seals it shut. The entire process is automated, fast and easy.

Entry level machines have one feed tray, but middle and high end machines have multiple feed trays. Multiple trays allow envelope stuffers to fold and insert even more than one sheet of paper at a time. Many of these machines allow the insertion of return envelopes, inserts and more.

You can see a full multi-part video demo of the popular Formax FD 6202 envelope stuffing machine here.

Paper folder inserters can be used with a variety of envelope styles, including envelopes with windows. We do, however, like to have an envelope sample sent into us to test prior to selling a machine.

Would you like to have a hands-on demonstration of an automatic envelope stuffer? You can request a live video demonstration of one of these machines by filling out this form. This is a no-pressure demonstration where one of our specialists demonstrates the machine live, over the Internet, while answering your questions on the phone.

Best Sellers:

You can find our entire selection of automatic envelope stuffing machines here. Have a great day!

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