Compack 5800 Shrink Wrap Machine Review

Compack 5800 Shrink Wrap MachineThe Compack 5800 shrink-wrap machine has been around for a while and I have had several opportunities to use it. To start with, the Compack 5800 (found here) is an L-bar shrink-wrap system that includes a built-in heat tunnel. It uses an impulse sealer to cut the film and a heat tunnel to shrink the film. It is primarily designed to be used with centerfold shrink film, although it can be used with pre-sized shrink bags as well.

At first glance the Compack 5800 may look a little intimidating. It sits at about waist height for operator comfort and includes a few knobs and adjustment settings on the control panel. Not to worry though, the Compack 5800 is actually very easy to set up and use. Best of all, it only requires one person to operate.

Assembly of this shrink-wrap machine will require a few people. The bulk of the machine ships assembled, but you will need to attach the legs. This is where you will need a few people. Thanks to the included casters, the machine is very easy to move around.

I have used the Compack 5800 to package DVDs, software boxes, soap bars, paper and much more. While the Compack 5800 is not fully automated, I would consider it a commercial / industrial shrink-wrap machine for the fact that it can be used all day without any problems.

From start to finish, the packaging process only takes a few seconds. Simply place your product in the film, pull down the arm and let the machine do the rest. The Compack 5800 includes a magnetic lockdown that will hold the sealing arm in place during the cutting and shrinking process.

The only issue I have experienced with the Compack 5800 is a dirty wire from continued use that caused incomplete cuts, which is perfectly normal for a shrink wrap machine.

I would compare the Compack 5800 to a Minipack-style system. As far as the packaging process is concerned, it is right up there with the Galaxy and the Galileo. You can find the Compack 5800 shrink wrap machine here.

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