Cooking With Sous Vide – List of Recipes

Sous Vide Cooked FishWe sell a huge selection of bar-style, external and chamber vacuum food sealers.  You can find our vacuum food sealers here. These machines are not only used to protect and preserve food, but are now commonly used to bag meals for Sous Vide (French for “under vacuum”). Sous Vide is a special way to cook meat, vegetables and other food.

A few months ago I wrote about the growing craze that is Sous Vide. I decided to try and look for a few recipes and was amazed to see some of the amazing contraptions that people used to cook meat to perfection. After sorting through a lot of information, I have come up with some popular recipes cited by many people for Sous Vide. So here you go!

Sous Vide Recipes:

I’m getting hungry just writing this. You can find our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here. Hopefully this helps some of you out. Bon appetit!

Do you have your own Sous Vide recipe? Post them here in a comment or link!

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