Dahle 842 Stack Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 842 Stack / Ream Paper CutterSo you need a stack paper cutter and are considering the Dahle 842 stack and ream paper cutter. So what are some of the advantages and disadvantages and is this a cutter you should consider? Here are a few things you may want to consider prior to purchasing a Dahle 842 stack paper cutter.

This cutter feels and operates much like many other manual stack cutters, such as the Triumph 4205. In fact, the clamping mechanism and the lever arm is extremely similar to the way the Triumph 4205 works. This is a good thing. The angled lever arm gives the user enough leverage to easily slice through paper.

Although this cutter is very similar in look and design to a Triumph stack cutter, I don’t personally feel they are on level ground quite yet. I would rate the Dahle 842 cutter as a small to medium-volume cutter, but not up to the level of high-volume cutting the Triumph machines are capable of.

However, priced under $1,000, I would definitely consider using this cutter over other Chinese-made stack cutters. The Dahle stack cutter is German engineered and built, so the build quality isn’t bad.

Who uses the Dahle 842 stack cutter? This cutter is most ideal for copy shops, schools, churches and other organizations that need to cut down brochures, printouts and more. At less than 100 pounds, this cutter can be used on a table or countertop, however, an optional steel stand is available.

At under $1,000 and with current free shipping, the Dahle 842 stack cutter may just be your most affordable way of getting a stack paper cutter. You will find our Dahle 842 stack paper cutter here.

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