Dahle 852 Premium Stack Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 852 Stack Paper CutterI recently had an opportunity to play around with the Dahle 852 stack paper cutter. I did more than just play around with it. I got to pull it out of the box and assemble it. A few of my first thoughts as I put it together were, “safe, easy-to-use and stylish.” It is made from solid metal, not just slabbed together sheet metal.  This is my official review of the Dahle 852 premium stack paper cutter.

First off, Dahle has taken a different approach to this stack cutter versus previous designs. One of the most notable differences is the ambidextrous handle, able to be used by left or right-handed operators. The handle literally comes right out of the center of the table. Other manual stack cutters have the handle coming from the side, which is ideal for right-handed operators.

The Dahle 852 stack paper cutter is one of the most affordable stack cutters in its class. The optional stand has a shelf for storing paper and is especially nice if you don’t have a table or countertop for a cutter. The base is made from solid steel and is very solid. The stand isn’t required. You can save a little money and simply put it on a table or work bench. The cutter comes with rubber pads for use on a table or counter.

The backstop is a little simplistic, which is pretty common for Dahle stack cutters. The backstop is adjusted by loosening a dial, which then allows the operator to manually slide the backstop forward and backward. The backstop points to a measuring ruler on the side of the machine that gives the operator an idea on where the cut will be made.

One really cool feature about the Dahle 852 is the laser guide. A laser is built into the housing of the cutter that paints a line on the paper, letting you know exactly where the blade will cut. Along with this feature is a lighted control panel on the left side of the machine that lets you know at what stage you’re at in the cutting process.

Safety features are nice, including a safety Plexiglas shield that has to be brought down prior to making a cut. There is a shield on the front and the back of the machine.

Cutting sticks are sometimes tough to change on stack paper cutters, but the Dahle 852 makes it really easy. Simply push down on a button and the cutting stick pops out. It’s that easy.

The clamping mechanism on the Dahle 852 is very different from most manual stack cutters. Where most stack cutters have a separate lever and control for the clamp, the Dahle 852 engages the blade and the clamp at the same time.  Although the clamp is different, I never experienced a problem cutting paper with it.

My overall impressions are pretty high. The cutter is clearly made from high quality metal and the machine is well constructed. Using the optional stand is awesome and assembly is pretty simple. You will find this cutter in print shops, copy shops and other organizations where reams of paper are cut daily. You will find the Dahle 852 stack paper cutter here.

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