Differences Between NAP I and NAP II Laminating Film

Roll Laminating FilmYou may have heard the terms NAP I or NAP II laminating film. This is a term typically used for roll lamination machines. So what type of laminating film does your laminator use and does it really matter?

The term NAP was coined by GBC, who manufactures their own line of laminating machines and film. They will often refer to it is NAP-LAM I and NAP-LAM II. These two different types of film are based on the melt point of the glue.

NAP I film has a higher melting point than NAP II and is the most common type of laminating film used today. This is the most popular laminating film that we offer and typically has a glossy finish. This film is used to laminate posters, maps, signs and other paper documents.

NAP II film has a lower melt point and is less common. This type of film is usually a co-polymer based film and is often referred to as premium laminating film. NAP II laminating film is used for laminating temperature sensitive material. This may include wax-based ink, some types of photographs, inkjet printed material and more.

Most laminators are designed for use with NAP I film. Some laminators, with variable temperature controls, can use both NAP I and NAP II film.

You will find our roll laminating film here. Our most common roll laminating film is our glossy roll film found here.

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2 Responses to “Differences Between NAP I and NAP II Laminating Film”

  1. Connie Says:

    What does the term NAP mean?

  2. Dave Says:

    It is an acronym for North American Packaging (NAP). The company North American Packaging and Laminating Company (out of Addison, IL) was purchased by GBC in the 1960s, which is where the term NAP-LAM originates. GBC often refers to their NAP film as Nap-Lam.

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