Digital ID Card Printer Troubleshooting Tips and Repair

Magicard Photo ID Card PrinterDigital ID card printers are pretty easy to use and don’t require a lot of babysitting, but they do occasionally have their issues that need attending to. There are a lot of preventative things you can do to cut down on printing problems and if you do experience a problem, the fix is usually pretty simple.

Here is a list of the most common problems our customers experience with their ID card printers. Printers do, however, vary in functionality, so these solutions may or may not work for your model.

Digital ID Card Printer Troubleshooting & Repair Tips

Colors seem to be off – While the printing ability of and ID card printer is pretty accurate, the color on your monitor may not always match up with what your printer prints. You may need to adjust the colors in the printer software to better match the colors you are trying to print.

Printed image colors are not aligned – Often removing the printer ribbon and putting it back in will allow the printer to cycle and re-align the panels to print correctly.

ID Card Printer RibbonImages turn out fuzzy and unclear – This is usually a result of the print head being dirty. Most printers have cleaning cards or pens that can be used to clean the thermal print head.

The prints look bad – Make sure your blank ID cards are clean of dust and do not touch the surface of the blank cards with your finger. Dust and oil from hands can cause poor printing.

The printer ribbon keeps breaking – This is often due to a dirty thermal print head, causing the ribbon to stick to the print head. Cleaning the print head should fix this. This issue is especially prominent when printing full-color (edge-to-edge) ID cards.

Can I re-use a broken ribbon? – The broken ribbon can still be re-used. Use some scissors to cut the broken edge and us scotch tape to re-connect the ribbon with the waste roller. The printer will usually cycle the ribbon and be able to use it again.

Printer panels are incorrect – So your blue is printing red and colors are out of whack. This problem often arises when your printer settings are set for the incorrect ribbon type. An example would be someone using a YMCKO ribbon in the printer but the computer is set up for a YMCK ribbon. Setting up the computer for the correct ribbon will usually fix this.

The printer misfeeds blank PVC cards – This can be a result of the friction roller being dirty or needing to be replaced. Most ID card printers use a friction roller to grab and pull the blank card in. These friction rollers can be cleaned of dust. If that doesn’t work, replacement rollers are usually pretty cheap.

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    Wow! You really covered it all. This is a great DIY source on troubleshooting ID card printers. Especially useful for establishments or business that have in-house badge printers.

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