Electric Spiral Binding Machines vs Manual Coil Binders

Spiral Binding Machines - Coil Book BindersSo you’re looking for a spiral binding machine (aka coil binding machine) and aren’t sure whether to go with an electric punch or a manual punch. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you’ll want to consider prior to making a purchase.

Volume – How many books would you like to bind per day? While a good manual binding machine can keep up with the best of them, the operator will eventually get tired. It’s normal. Electric punches require a lot less effort and are far more ideal for continuous, daily binding.

Some high-end electric punch machines, however, are capable of punching far more paper than a manual machine. These typically are not all-in-one spiral binding machines, but rather are binding punches designed specifically for punching paper.

Electric Coil Inserter – Some spiral binding machines include an electric coil inserter. This is usually some type of an electrically powered rubber roller. These are found on both manual and electric-punch machines.

I personally love having an electric coil inserter on my spiral binding machine. The time saved using an electric coil inserter, over manual coil insertion, is significantly more than the time saved going from a manual to an electric punch machine.

Budget – So is it in your budget to get an electric punch machine? Electric punch spiral binding machines are more of an investment than a manual spiral binding machine. Be aware, however, that buying a cheaper manual spiral binding machine may cost you more money in the long run in operating time and output volume.

Convenience – This one is pretty easy. An electric-powered binding machine will always be more convenient to use than a manually operated machine.

Space – Electric and manual spiral binding machines use about the same amount of surface space, so space shouldn’t be a major concern when selection a machine.

Whether you decide to go with a manual or an electric spiral binding machine, spiral binding looks great and is perfect for binding cookbooks, journals, reports, booklets and more. You will find our entire selection of manual spiral binding machines here and electric spiral binding machines here.

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