GBC VeloBind System Three Pro Binding Machine Review

GBC VeloBind System Three Pro Binding MachineDo you need a binding system that can handle a lot of paper? Perhaps up to three-inches of paper? If you need to securely bind that much paper, you should seriously consider using the VeloBind System Three Pro from GBC (found here). I have used this machine for years now and this is my review.

To begin with, VeloBind in general looks really good. The concept is very simple. You punch the paper (11 total holes), insert the VeloBind strip (11 total prongs), put it in the machine and the machine does the rest. VeloBind is one of the most tamper-proof and secure binding formats available today.

The VeloBind System Three Pro punches the paper, cuts off the excess prongs and uses heat to automatically seal the back strip to the VeloBind prongs. Apart from some manual interaction, the machine is fairly automated. Be aware that the VeloBind System Three Pro is also marketed as the System Three Pro SecureBind. They are both the same machine.

The System Three Pro can bind paper up to three-inches thick, but can also be used to bind smaller and thinner books. The machine will cut off the excess prongs and adjust the strip to the thickness of the book being bound.

The System Three Pro can use 1 x 11, 2 x 11 and 3 x 11 strips. These are one, two and three-inch strips. If you used a three-inch (3 x 11) strip with a ¼-inch thick book, the machine would cut off the excess 2 ¾-inches of prong. You can find our VeloBind supplies here.

Three inches is a lot of paper. A lot of people ask if the VeloBind System Three Pro can really bind this much paper. My answer is “yes, it can.” It does a very good job at binding that much paper. The VeloBind strips keep the paper in place and the end result is extremely secure.

This machine is particularly popular with lawyer’s offices, businesses that deal with contracts, construction companies and other organizations that need to bind a lot of paper. VeloBind is also popular with businesses that need a “tamper proof” binding system. A VeloBound document cannot be tampered with. Pages can be ripped out, but it is obvious.

GBC VeloBind Binding MachinesAlthough the VeloBind System Three Pro does have a de-bind feature, it doesn’t work that well. It essentially heats up the back strip, making it possible to peel it off. Because the prongs are cut off and sealed with heat in the binding process, the prongs have almost a mushroom-like shape to them. Because the end of the prong is “mushroomed” out, they don’t pull back through the paper easily. Ultimately you will get the VeloBind strip back out of the paper, but the paper won’t look “untouched.”

Also be aware that pages bound with VeloBind will not lay flat. If you need a document that lays flat, you will need to go with a binding format like coil / spiral binding. Coil and spiral binding cannot, however, bind three-inches of paper.

Overall I really like the VeloBind System Three Pro. It is secure, easy-to-use, inexpensive to operate and the end results look professional. In fact, I think VeloBound documents look far more expensive than they really are. You can find our GBC VeloBind System Three Pro here. You can find our entire selection of GBC VeloBind machines here.

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