How Long Does A Hollow Paper Drill Bit Stay Sharp?

Sharpening Paper Drill BitsI had a customer ask me today how long a hollow paper drill bit will stay sharp. It was a good question, but the answer is a little difficult. There is no set defined time that a paper drill bit is rated to last. Here are a few things to take into consideration when gauging the lifespan of a paper drill bit.

The thickness of the stack of paper and the thickness of an individual sheet of paper will affect how sharp the drill bit stays. The more paper you drill through, the more friction and heat will be generated, dulling the bit faster. Cardstock will also dull a paper drill bit faster than standard copy paper. The more you use the drill the faster the bit will go dull as well.

So how can you prolong the life of a paper drill bit? Drill ease wax is one way of doing this. A properly waxed paper drill bit will create less friction and will stay sharp longer. You can find our drill ease wax here.

Hollow Paper Drill Bit SharpenerWhat if your hollow paper drill bit is already dull? We sell drill bit sharpeners designed to sharpen hollow drill bits. Most drill bit sharpeners feature a triangle or cone-shaped tip that fits inside the hollow part of the drill bit, which spins and sharpens the bit. You can find our paper drill bit sharpeners here.

Regardless of how long the bit lasts, paper drills are very nice machines to have. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here. You can also find our replacement hollow paper drill bits here.

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