Lassco Wizer – Best Cornerounders In Town (aka Corner Cutters)

Lassco Wizer Cornerounders and Corner CuttersCorners are just too dull, not to mention sharp. I don’t know what it is, but the simple process of rounding a corner can add a lot to a document. Take a business card for example. Sharp corners? Dull. Round corners? Cool.

Many people also like to round the corners on menus, playing cards, photographs, birthday cards and much more. So how can you round a lot of corners at once without sacrificing quality? It’s easy. Use a Lassco Wizer cornerounder. Cornerounders are often referred to as corner rounders and corner cutters.

Lassco has been making cornerounders for well over a decade and they have several time-tested models that get the job done well. I have personally used their entry-level CR-20 and can vouch for the fact that it is really easy to use. I never would have thought that cutting through a ½-inch stack of paper would be so easy. Lassco’s CR-60 cornerounder is even capable of cutting up to .080 aluminum.

Cornerounder and Corner Cutter Diamaters

So what are some of the most popular Lassco Wizer corner rounders our customers like to use? They are:

  • CR-20 Corner Cutter – Great corner cutter for cutting documents that fall within a 5″ x 10-1/2″ size up to ½-inch thick.
  • CR-50B Cornerounder – Very comparable to the CR-20 but with a larger 9″ x 18″ cutting base. Also capable of cutting a ½-inch stack of paper.
  • CR-50P Corner Rounder – This machine has all the quality of the desktop models but in a floor design. This corner rounder has an electric motor, making it ideal for continuous use.
  • CR-50XP Corner Cutter – This corenrounder is pneumatic, which means it is powered by an air compressor. This corner cutter is perfect for print shops, continuous and high-volume use.

These are just some of Lassco Wizer’s corner rounders. You can find our entire selection of cornerounders here. Have questions about our Lassco Wizer cornerounders? Post them here!

Keith Barlow

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