MBM Triumph 4705 Stack Paper Cutter Review

MBM Triumph 4705 Stack Paper CutterIf you need to use a manual stack cutter for cutting reams of paper, the MBM Triumph 4705 (found here) may be just what you need. This robust cutter is very popular with our customers. Is it the right cutter for you? Here is my review.

The ability to cut large stacks or reams of paper is a huge benefit if you are a printing press, copy shop or a business that cuts down fliers, card stock or promotional material. Many of our customers will use stack cutters to also cut down business cards. Stack cutters will save you hours of time versus using a traditional paper trimmer.

The MBM Triumph 4705 is at the top of the manual stack cutter list in cutting volume and page size. It has a cutting width of 18 ¾-inches and can cut a stack of paper up to 2 ¾-inches thick

The blades on the Triumph 4705 are made from some of the highest quality metal I have seen in a manual stack paper cutter. They are made from soligen steel. These blades, as they become dull, can be re-sharpened. The ability to sharpen blades will save you a nice chunk of change later down the road.

I have actually used this cutter and the manual lever is effortless to use. It is designed in a way that is long and is leveraged in way that requires little force. I have used this to cut a ream of paper using only one finger. Manual labor shouldn’t be a concern with this cutter.

The backstop on the Triumph 4705 is very easy to use. It is a hand-crank style lever and is turned clockwise to increase cutting depth and counterclockwise to decrease cutting depth. The backstop has an arrow pointing to a ruler, which is extremely accurate and makes it easy to determine where the blade will cut.

One of Triumph’s biggest plusses is safety. Stack paper cutters exert a lot of force and cutting power. Luckily Triumph takes some serious safety measures. They utilize a safety cutting system (SCS), which utilizes a transparent safety guard on the front of the table that locks in place while cutting. Blade changing is even designed to be safer.

Another nice thing about the Triumph 4705 is the clamping mechanism. The 4705 utilizes a lock-down clamp. Many people say it looks like a submarine hatch lever. This style of clamp keeps the paper solidly in place.

The only downside to the Triumph 4705 stack cutter is that it doesn’t have an electric or hydraulic motor. The manual lever, however, is very user friendly and will save you some money. You can find the MBM Triumph 4705 stack cutter here. You can find our entire selection of stack and ream paper cutters here.

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