Minipack Cyclone Vacuum Food Sealers Reviewed

Minipack Cyclone External Vacuum SealersWow. Who would have thought that the Minipack Cyclone line of vacuum sealers would be such a hit in just a few short months? If you are considering purchasing an external vacuum food sealer, you may want to seriously consider looking into a Minipack Cyclone. Why? Here are a few reasons.

One of the biggest reasons the Minipack Cyclone is such a hit with individuals and businesses alike can be summed up in two words, “Build Quality.” The stark contrast in build quality in the Minipack Cyclone versus other “Saver” style vacuum sealers is as stark as the difference between plastic and metal.

Minipack products are Italian designed and Italian made. This is the same country that brought us the Ferrari. The Cyclone is the Italian Ferrari of the external vacuum sealer world. Here are a few features found in the Minipack Cyclone:

First off, the Cyclone features a corrosive-free aluminum alloy housing. Why is this nice? Many foods and vacuum sealed products can cause cheaper metals and plastics to corrode, discolor and break down. For sanitation purposes, you want something that is non corrosive.

The control panel is flat, user-friendly and features a digital knobless design. If you have ever used a food-handling device that has knobs, you know how easy it is for food to get trapped underneath. If you are packaging fish, beef and pork, you don’t want those juices festering under knobs and between cracks.

The sealer includes a moisture collecting basin. This helps with food preservation. The Minipack Cyclone creates a 4mm seal width, which is double the 2mm seal width found in many comparable models.

A wide seal width is great to have because it prevents accidents and does a better job of maintaining the vacuum seal. The Cyclone can be used with channel or three-layer bags. The Cyclone also features an automatic cycle and a manual sealing cycle.

We offer the Minipack Cyclone in three different versions, all based on the sealing width.

These three models are:

You will find our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here. Let us know what you think about the Minipack Cyclone external vacuum food sealer.

Keith Barlow

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2 Responses to “Minipack Cyclone Vacuum Food Sealers Reviewed”

  1. Dave Says:

    To not address the MiniPack Cyclone 30 vacuum strength is a pretty fundamental omision in this review. Is it significantly better than a top FoodSaver unit? There are many small-production units designed for hunters that indeed draw stronger vacuums, but can’t handle liquids. With its moisture collecting basin, the MiniPack is aimed squarely at the home sous vide market. For this application it should easily displace FoodSaver, if it has a better vacuum. Does it?

  2. Dave Says:

    This may help you out. Here are the performance specifications on the Cyclone 30:

    Pump Type — Dry Piston
    Cycles per Minute — up to 2
    Internal Cooling Fan — X
    Free Air Displacement — 0.6 m³/h
    Pump Power Rating — 350W
    Power Supply — 115V / 3A

    I have spoken with people who have used FoodSaver machines and the Cyclone machines. From everything I have heard, the performance on the Cyclone is significantly higher.

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