Minipack Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machine Review

Minipack Galaxy Shrink Wrap MachineThere are a lot of different ways to package your DVDs, playing cards, soap bars, boxes and other products, but shrink wrap is probably the most economical and easiest way to do this. The Minipack Galaxy makes shrink wrapping even easier by making a machine that is compact enough to be used in just about any room. I have a lot of experience using the Minipack Galaxy and will post my thoughts on this shrink-wrap machine here.

To start with, the Minipack Galaxy is actually a replacement to the Minipack Mini Plus. The Minipack Mini Plus was a huge hit with our customers, so it comes as no surprise that the Minipack Galaxy not only rivals that popularity, but now also surpasses it.  You can find the Minipack Galaxy shrink wrap machine here.

The Minipack Galaxy is a compact shrink-wrap system that incorporates a shrink film feeder, an L-bar sealer and a heat shrink tunnel into one single machine. From start to finish the entire process only takes a few minutes. The Galaxy is available in five different systems, depending on exactly what you need.

The system sits at about waist height, which makes it really easy to set stuff on the surface. The control panel is on the front of the machine’s bezel, which is really easy to set up. The control panel will allow you to adjust the amount of time the sealing blade is on and the amount of time the heat is applied.

The Minipack Galaxy can be used with both Polyolefin film and PVC film. I have used it with both and the results turned out well both times. The Galaxy is designed to be used with centerfold shrink film.

The film is easy to feed through the machine. Once the film is loaded, simply place your product in the open end of the film, slide it over to the L-sealer, pull down the hood and the machine does the rest.

The Minipack galaxy is probably my favorite entry-level shrink-wrap system I have used. It can be used continuously throughout the day without a hiccup. I don’t know how Minipack does it, but the Galaxy emits very little

The only con I can really think of is that you may be limited by the size of the machine’s hood. If you need more sealing area or height, you may want to look at the Galaxy’s big brother the Minipack Galileo found here.

Do you have a Minipack Galaxy or have you used one? Post a comment here!

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