Tamerica V2000-Pro SecureBind Review

Tamerica V2000-Pro SureBind Binding MachineDo you need to VeloBind documents but don’t have the budget to buy a GBC VeloBind machine? You may want to consider an alternative. That’s right. Tamerica makes a machine called the V2000-Pro SecureBind (found here) that punches the same hole pattern as VeloBind and uses the same supplies as VeloBind. Here is my review of the V2000-Pro SecureBind.

To begin with, Tamerica’s SecureBind is their own take on VeloBind. The V2000-Pro SecureBind is very similar in operation the GBC VeloBind V800 Pro. The biggest difference between the two machines is that the Tamerica V2000-Pro can bind two-inches of paper where the V800 Pro can only bind one inch of paper. Because VeloBind supplies are so readily available, you will have no trouble keeping the V2000-Pro up and running.

The V2000-Pro can punch between 20-22 sheets of standard copy paper at a time. This amount will vary depending on the type of paper you are punching. I recommend starting at about half the maximum punching capacity and working up from there. The V2000-Pro punches a total of 11 holes along an 11-inch side of paper.

Hole punching is completely manual. One thing I really like about the V2000-Pro is the “U” shaped handle. This makes it easier to punch paper with your left or right hand.

Once the holes are punched, an 11-prong SecureBind or VeloBind. Strip can be inserted through the punched holes. A back strip is then placed on the back of the paper. The document is then placed on the V2000-Pro.

Much like the V800 Pro from GBC, the V2000-Pro automatically cuts off the excess prongs and seals them shut using heat. The end result is an extremely secure bind, hence the name SecureBind.

This style of binding is very popular with lawyer’s offices, construction companies and other businesses that bind large volumes of paper. You are able to use your own covers and back sheets.

You can find the Tamerica V2000-Pro SecurBind here. You can find our VeloBind supplies here. You can find our entire selection of VeloBind machines here.

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