Top Three Best Saddle Staplers

Staplex Saddle StaplerSaddle staplers are a fast and effective way to staple paper along the spine or crease. There are many different models available, ranging from manual to electric. So which saddle stapler should you use? Here is a list of the most popular saddle staplers we offer.

You will want to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing a saddle stapler. First, how many sheets would you like to be able to staple? Different staplers have varying stapling capacities.

You will also need to determine if you need an electric or manual saddle stapler. Manual models are generally good for low to medium-volume stapling where electric is ideal for medium to high-volume stapling. Also be aware that electric staplers are available with micro switches, foot pedals and buttons for stapling. Be sure the electric stapler you get is set up the way you like it.

I have spoken with many customers over the past five years and have put together a list of the best saddle staplers based on this feedback. So here’s my list:

Top 3 Best Saddle Staplers

  • ISP Rapid 106 Electric Stapler – This is easily our most popular saddle stapler. It has a built in micro switch, a foot pedal and can be linked together with other Rapid 106 staplers for simultaneous stapling. It can also be adjusted from saddle to flat stapling and is designed to be mounted to a bench or table.
  • Skrebba W115 Heavy Duty Stapler – This saddle stapler is manually operated and is a workhorse. It is well built. Although manually operated, it is very easy to use. It can be adjusted from saddle to flat stapling, has an adjustable backstop and is designed to be mounted to a bench or table.
  • Staplex SS-45N Electric Saddle Stapler – Staplex continues to be one of our customers’ favorite brands. The SS-45N is heavy duty and designed to be used on a table or bench. It includes a footswitch for hands-free operation.

You can find our entire selection of staplers here. Happy stapling!

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