What is a Double Rub? Furniture & Fabric Tests

Model 300-SV Stackable Chair from OFMI had a few people today ask me what a double rub was. We have it listed on our site along with many of our fabric padded chairs, sofas and furniture. A double rub is a test done on furniture fabric to see how long it will hold up.

Essentially a machine with a roller goes back and forth on a fabric-covered chair (double rub) to determine how well the fabric will hold up. The more double rubs it can handle, without wearing out, the better the fabric.

The manufacturer OFM rates many of their chairs based on double rubs. OFM’s 300-SV fabric stackable chair is rated at 750,000 double rubs, which is a lot. This means the fabric on the 300-SV Comfort Class stackable chair has some high-quality fabric on it. Not all fabric will list the double-rub rating.

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