What Is Paper Shredder Oil Made From?

aper Shredder Oil / LubricantI have had a few people ask me what shredder oil is made from. This one I didn’t know off the top of my head. I had to look into this one. To start with, shredder oil is specially designed and mixed to work with a paper shredder.

Shredder oil is a fairly lightweight oil, about the consistency of vegetable oil. It is not, however, vegetable oil. Vegetable oil should not be used to lubricate a shredder. Vegetable oil will eventually gum up a shredder and make your shredder smell like French fries. If you’re dealing with a high-end ($$) office shredder, you do not want to cause possible maintenance and repair issues by doing this.

I have even heard people recommend using Kerosene to lubricate a shredder. Please do not do this as it will not lubricate the shredder properly and poses a huge safety risk. I have also heard of people using WD-40 to oil a shredder. Again, this is not a good long-term oiling solution. WD-40 is too lightweight and is not designed specifically to keep a shredder lubricated.

The shredder oil we sell is from Destroyit and works on all shredders, both strip and cross cut designs. The bottle itself did not let me know what the shredder oil was made from, so I had to dig up the MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet).

So here it is. This is exactly what’s in shredder oil:


Shell Base Oil  (92-98 Percent)

  • Solvent Refined Hydrotreated Middle Distillate (30-40 Percent)
  • Severely Hydrotreated Light Naphthenic Distillate (60-70 Percent)
  • Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (< 0.2 Percent)

Note: Oil contains no detectable (< 1 PPm) of PCB as measured by ASTM D4059.

  • Commercial Oleic Acid (2-8 Percent)

Now I can’t tell you what all that stuff is, but I can tell you that it works well and keeps a shredder running like the day it was made. You can find our paper shredder oil here.

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