Wooden Mallet Folding Luggage Racks Now Online

Wooden Mallet Folding Luggage RacksWooden Mallet may be one of the best-known manufacturers of quality office chairs and office furniture that we offer. We are proud to announce that we have just added several of their new folding luggage racks to our site. This includes the model LR, LR2 and LR3.

One thing I really like about Wooden Mallet is that they don’t cut corners with their furniture. Everything they make is made from solid oak wood, none of that cheap pressed wood stuff. They plan out their furniture for the long haul, where a lot of the comparable stuff out there is designed to be used for a year and then be replaced.

So where would you use a folding luggage rack? You will a lot of them in hotels, but they are also commonly found in restaurants, churches and airports. They are designed to handle most suitcases, bags and luggage. Because they fold, they can easily be stored in a closet for later use.

These are the three Wooden mallet folding luggage racks that we offer:

All three racks are available in your choice of wood stain and fabric color. You can find our entire selection of Wooden Mallet furniture here.

Keith Barlow

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