Z Folding Machines

Z Folding Machines and Paper FoldersSo you’re looking for a Z folding machine? You’re in luck. We have a great selection of Z folding machines. For those of you confused by the term “Z Fold,” don’t worry. I’ll explain.

A Z folding machine is a paper folding machine that can create a Z fold. So what is a Z fold? A Z fold is a sheet of paper folded in the formation of a Z. This is sometimes referred to as an accordion fold.

Z Fold Machines and Paper FoldersThe Z fold, along with the C fold (letter fold), are the two most popular folds created and probably always will be. Most paper folders are capable of creating a Z fold. I can’t even think of a paper folder, off the top of my head, that can’t create a Z fold.

So what are Z folds most commonly used for? These folds are commonly used for folding letters, folding fliers, creating promotional literature and much more. You will find our entire selection of Z folding machines here.

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