Akiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner Rounder Review

Akiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner RounderAre you in need of some serious corner rounder cutting capacity? One of the best ways to corner round large volumes of paper is by using an electric corner rounder. So which model should you use? You may want to consider using the Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder (found here). This is my review.

Commercial corner rounders have many uses. They may be used for rounding the corners on playing cards, greeting cards, business cards, pictures, IDs, invitations and card stock. The Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder is fully electric, capable of cutting the corners off of two-inches of material at once (1.97-inches to be exact).

The Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder is designed for high-volume use and can be used throughout the day. It includes a foot pedal, which is ideal for high-volume corner rounding. The foot pedal frees up the hands, allowing you to position the material as needed.

One really cool think about the Akiles Diamond-5 is that it can be used with PVC, polyester, leather, polypropylene and paper. It is definitely a multi-purpose corner rounder.

The dies on the Diamond-5 can be swapped out. This means you can cut a ½-inch radius and later cut a 1/8-inch radius. The Diamond-5 comes with 1/8 and ¼-inch dies. The dies are very easy to change out. Should a die become dull, individual dies may be purchased as replacements.

The Diamond-5 includes a cutting worktable that makes it easy to round the corners on larger material. It also includes an L guide and a radius alignment guide. This is ideal for making sure the cut is right every time.

The Diamond-5 weighs in at 55 pounds, which should give a pretty good idea as to how well this machine is built. As is the case with most Akiles products, the build quality on the Diamond-5 is top notch. It is built from metal parts, designed to last you for years.

I highly recommend the Diamond-5 for commercial corner rounding operations. The build quality is solid and it will be a good investment for long-term use. You can find the Akiles Diamond-5 electric corner rounder here. You can find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

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