Best Way To Display Brochures

Rotating Plastic Tabletop Brochure HolderDo you have brochures that need to be displayed or be made easy to view and access? Don’t stack the brochures on a desk or table. Use a brochure holder. There are several types of brochure holders available and chances are pretty good that there is one that will work for you.

Here are some of the best types of brochure holders you may want to consider using:

  • Desktop Wood and Wire Brochure Holders – These brochure holders, both wire and wood, are some of the most popular brochure holders sold today. This is because the require no assembly, are portable and can be placed just about anywhere. You will find these types of brochure holders in universities, doctor’s offices and more.
  • Rotating Tabletop Plastic Brochure Holders – These types of brochure holders make it easy to hold a wide variety of brochures in a small amount of space. Because they rotate, it is extremely easy to access and view a wide variety of material. These are typically placed on desks and tables.
  • Freestanding Wood and Wire Brochure Holders – These types of brochure holders are designed to hold a lot of material. They can be used to hold not only brochures, but maps and other similarly sized material. Freestanding brochure holders are made out of wood or wire and are very easy to pick up and move from one place to another. Wall-Mounted Wood Brochure Holders – These brochure holders are perfect for use in hallways and lobbies where a wide variety of material needs to be displayed on a daily basis. This may be in a hospital, doctor’s office, university lobby and more. These types of brochure holders aren’t hard to hang up and usually include all necessary mounting hardware.
  • Wall-Mounted Plastic Brochure Holders – Plastic brochure holders don’t weigh much, make it very easy to see the displayed material and are designed to hold up under constant use. Available in a variety of pocket formats, these wall-mounted plastic brochure holders are great for use in hallways, lobbies, waiting rooms and more.

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