Can Bill Counters Count New and Used Money?

Bill Counter With Protective Dust ShieldBill counters are a great way to count bills, batch count currency and verify money. So can bill counters be used to count both new and used bills? Here is my answer.

All modern-day bill counters can be used to count new and used money. There is only one small catch. Bill counters can only hold so many bills prior to counting. Used bills typically take up more space than new bills. This means your bill counter will not be able to count as many used bills at once as new bills.

The general rule when it comes to used bills is a 2:1 ratio versus new bills. If your bill counter can hold up to 200 new bills, it will typically only be able to hold 100 used bills. The good news is that your bill counter can handle used money.

Used bills, however, can create dust that can affect some people with allergies. For this reason, many bill counters come with a protective guard that covers the exit tray. This helps block out dust. Some high-end bill counters (like the Semacon S-1450) even include a filtration system to filter out dust and other irritants.

All bill counters can be used to count mixed new and used bills. Unfortunately when the bills are mixed, it is difficult to determine exactly how many bills your counter will be able to hold.

Hopefully this answers your questions. If you still have questions, you can call 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our money counter specialists.

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