Can You Package T-Shirts With A Shrink Wrap Machine?

T-Shirt and Clothing Shrink Wrap SealerI had a customer ask me today if you can package t-shirts and polo shirts using a shrink wrap machine. The answer to this question is yes. There are a few things you will need to know ahead of making a shrink wrap machine purchase, but they can be used to easily package all types of fabric. Here are some helpful tips.

To begin with, most people packaging shirts and clothing don’t need the shrink wrap machine to shrink the film, they only need it to cut and seal the clothing in plastic for retail sale and shipping purposes. If this is all you need to do, you really don’t need a complete shrink wrap machine (with heat tunnel or heat gun). All you really need is an L-bar or I-bar sealer.

The most important factor to take into consideration before purchasing a sealer is to ensure that the sealing dimensions will fully encapsulate the clothing. Luckily clothing is very pliable and easy to fold in a way that it will probably work with most machines. If you use a machine to fold the clothing, you will definitely need a sealer that fits the folded clothing’s dimensions in order to save time.

Shrink wrap machines and sealers use two different types of film for packaging purposes. These two types of film are PVC and Polyolefin. PVC film has almost a cellophane feel to it where polyolefin has more of a saran wrap feel to it. The type of film depends on your preference (and budget).

If you find a good deal on a shrink wrap machine that has a heat tunnel built into it, don’t worry. Most shrink wrap machines with tunnels can have the tunnel portion turned off so that it only seals.

With regards to the customer I was speaking with about packaging t-shirts and polo shirts, he was interested in these two machines:

The Minipack Prima is an L-bar sealer only, where the Minipack Galaxy includes a built in heat tunnel. I told the customer that Minipack machines allow the operator to turn off the heat.

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