Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper CutterSoccer isn’t the only thing Germany’s good at. They’re also pretty good at making office equipment. The Dahle 858 Premium stack paper cutter (found here) is a prime example. This stack cutter is designed and built in Germany. I have had a chance to use this cutter and this is my review.

To begin with, the Dahle 858 is pretty easy to assemble, but it will probably require a few people to help out. I believe we assembled ours in less than 30 minutes (including the stand). The best thing to do is to assemble the optional stand (if purchased), put the cutter on the stand and then tighten down the bolts (holding it to the stand). You don’t have to use the stand if you prefer to use it on a workbench or table.

The optional stand keeps the Dahle 858 at an ideal level for cutting paper. The stand also includes a convenient shelf where you can place paper and other material.

One thing that struck me as different with the Dahle 858 is the cutting arm. Unlike most manual stack cutters that have the cutting handle on the side, the Dahle 858 has the handle in the front. This means that you pull the handle down facing the cutter. While different, I don’t mind it. It saves space and allows lefties to use it.

The Dahle 858 is capable of cutting up to 700 sheets of paper, which is a lot for a manual stack cutter. It can cut paper up to 18 5/8-inch wide. The actual cutting doesn’t take a lot of effort, although I still think the Triumph cutters are a little easier to use.

The backstop seemed pretty easy to adjust and there are several common paper size guides screen printed on the base of the cutter. Registry seemed to be accurate and the cut appeared to be clean. A laser can be turned on if you need to know exactly where the blade will come down on the paper.

An indicator on the left side of the paper cutter lets you know where you are in the cutting process. One light lets you know when the cover is open, another lets you know when the cut is in process and a third light lets you know when the cut is complete.

The clamping mechanism in this cutter is far different from what I have used in the past. Most stack cutters have a separately operated clamping mechanism. The Dahle 858’s clamp and cutter are both activated by using the same handle. The clamp, although unusual, seemed to keep the paper in place while I cut.

If safety is a concern, you can put your mind to rest. The Dahle 858 has several plexiglass covers that prevent access to the blade while it is in use. Because the guard is clear, it is still easy to see what’s going on during the cutting process.

Overall I consider the Dahle 858 Premium stack cutter to be a good machine. It is ideal for use in art departments, custom frame shops, print shops, copy centers and other businesses that cut paper on a regular basis.

You can find the Dahle 858 Premium stack cutter here. You can find our entire selection of manual stack cutters here.

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