GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad 12-Inch Roll Laminator Review

GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad Roll LaminatorAre you looking for a laminator that is hassle free and affordable? One model you may want to consider using is the GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad roll laminator (found here). We have one of these laminators in our showroom and I have had a chance to use it. This is my review.

To begin with, GBC (General Binding Company) has been making laminators for years. One of their most popular lines is the HeatSeal series. This consists of both pouch and roll laminators. One of their newest, and most popular lines, is the EZLoad line of roll laminators.

The biggest selling point for the GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad (try saying that three times fast) is the lamination film. It uses 1.7 to 10 mil Nap-Lam® II roll film that comes in a cartridge.

Unlike other laminators, where you have to load the film onto a mandrel and fish it through the machine, the EZLoad system is as easy as changing out a cartridge on a printer. Simply pop out the old roll of film and put another one in. This also helps cut down on burns. If you’ve used a traditional roll laminator, you know what I mean.

The HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad is designed to laminate documents up to12-inches wide. It runs at a speed of 36-inches a minute. That’s not blazing fast, but it isn’t bad compared to other roll laminators in its class. The Ultima 35 EZLoad is designed for daily use in schools, churches and businesses.

The main focus of this laminator is ease-of use, and easy it is. After about one minute your up and running, which is pretty fast. It even includes a built in trimmer that can be used to cut off material as it exits the laminator.

If the laminator isn’t being used, it will automatically shut off. Not only is this a nice safety feature, but it saves energy as well.

The control interface on the HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad is very simple and easy to use. There is a button to turn the laminator on, another with forward / reverse functions and a dial for temperature control.

The only downside I can think of is that the film is proprietary. You can’t order normal rolls of laminating film. You have to use the GBC EZLoad film cartridges, which cost more than normal one-inch core film. This is a sacrifice many people are willing to make fore easy operation.

The HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad is available in a larger model called the GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad found here.

Overall I am impressed with this compact roll laminator. The build quality is great and it should easily last several years.

You can find our GBC HeatSeal Ultima 35 EZLoad roll laminator here. You can find our entire selection of thermal roll laminators here.

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