Government GSA Paper Shredder Sales Made Easy

Government Paper ShreddersThat time of the year is rolling around again. What time’s that? I’m referring to the end of the government fiscal year. Budgets need to be spent before they expire. One popular government purchase is the paper shredder.

Why are shredders so popular? This is because paper shredders are a necessity, are often required by law and are found in all offices around the country, including federal government offices. So how can ABC Office help with government paper shredder purchases?

ABC Office has been working with the federal government and has refined the purchasing process to be seamless and painless. ABC Office not only accepts government purchasing cards and purchase orders, but is also often able to offer discounted or GSA pricing on most models.

You can find ABC Office’s entire selection of paper shredders here. This includes departmental paper shredders found here and security level 5 & 6 high security paper shredders found here.

ABC Office is more than happy to offer custom government quotes. Simply fill out the government quote request form found here. Need three or more quotes on any given model? No problem. We are able to offer three competitive and legitimate quotes upon request.

We are registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). Our DUNS number is 078448164 and our Cage Code is 0geb8.

We take the hassle out of government purchasing. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on how ABC Office can help you with government purchases.

Keith Barlow

Keith is a third generation office equipment expert. ABC Office was started by his grandfather back in 1980 and he is proud to be caring on the values that made ABC Office what it is today… unsurpassed selection, detailed information, low prices, and courteous support.

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