MBM Triumph 4215 Electric Stack Paper Cutter Review

MBM Triumph 4215 Electric Stack Paper CutterDo you need a reliable stack paper cutter that can cut down print jobs, card stock and other paper-based material? One machine you should seriously consider is the MBM Triumph 4215 electric stack paper cutter by Ideal (found here). I have had an opportunity to use this cutter and this is my review.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Triumph line of cutters from MBM, most people consider them to be the most reliable and dependable stack paper cutters around. MBM, the parent company, makes paper cutters (Triumph, Kutrimmer), Destroyit shredders and other fishing equipment. This equipment is German engineered and German Made.

The Triumph 4215 stack cutter is the big brother to the manual Triumph 4205. The biggest difference is that the Triumph 4215 has an electric blade that does all the cutting and a digital display rather than an analog ruler for measurements. The clamping mechanism is still manual, but takes just seconds to apply. It is considered to be a semi-automatic paper cutter.

Triumph 4215 Stack Paper Cutter Digital DisplayThe 4215 is extremely easy to use. You can adjust the backstop in just seconds. Simply wind the guide handle, located on the front of the machine, either clockwise or counter clockwise. A digital display located on the front of the machine will let you know exactly what the measurements are in inches or centimeters.

Once measurements have been set, simply put your paper in the cutter, pull down the protective plexiglass cover and push the buttons to bring down the blade. A couple of buttons are required to be pressed simultaneously. This is done for safety, ensuring no hands are in or near the blade during the cutting process. The cutter won’t operate while the protective guard is up.

The Triumph 4215 can cut paper up to 16-inches wide and can cut as stack as thick as 1 ½-inches. This can be paper, card stock and other material. For the size of the machine, this is very impressive. It can be used on a durable work bench or solid table, but is available with an optional stand as well. The cutter’s shipping weight is 191 pounds.

One really nice feature I have found with the Triumph 4215 is that the Solingen steel blade seems to stay sharp for an extra long time. When the blade becomes dull, it can be removed and be re-sharpened. Many stack cutter manufacturers use blades that dull quickly and cannot be re-sharpened. This is definitely something you should take into consideration when buying your machine.

Overall I really like this machine. I have enjoyed every Triumph cutter I have used. They are some of the most solid cutters I have ever used and the build quality is unsurpassed.

You can find the MBM Triumph 4215 electric stack cutter here. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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