Minipack MVS 31 Vacuum Food Sealer Review

Minipack MVS 31 Vacuum Food SealerAre you looking for a fast, affordable and convenient way to package meat, fruits, vegetables, liquids and powders? One machine you may want to consider using is the Minipack MVS 31 vacuum food sealer (found here). I have used this machine and this is my review.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, Minipack is one of the most reputable and well-known manufacturers of industrial / commercial shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers in the United States. Minipack is an Italian company and their line of products are designed and made in Italy. They are known for their high build quality and reliability.

The Minipack MVS 31 is what’s commonly referred to as a chamber sealer. You essentially place your product in a vacuum sealer bag and place in the machine. Once the lid is pulled down, the MVS 31 will remove 99.9% of the air inside the chamber, seal the bag shut and return the atmosphere in the chamber back to normal.

The result is an air-tight seal that helps protect and preserve food. Vacuum sealed food is perfect for sometimes tripling or more the life expectancy of food. You will commonly find vacuum-sealed food in the grocery store such as fish, chicken breasts, vegetables and more. It can also be used to package non-food items without any problems. The MVS 31 can do all this in its 12.75″ X 11.75″ X 6″ chamber.

Unlike many comparable vacuum sealers, the MVS 31 uses a seamless design which is perfect for food. This means if you do experience a spill, the basin of the vacuum sealer can easily be wiped down. The MVS 31 is not made from sharp and cheap sheet metal, it is made from high quality stainless steel (AISI 304 according to CE standards). Even the sealing bar is designed to be clean and sanitary.

Another nice feature of the MVS 31 is the lid. The lid can be completely opened up, which means you don’t have to deal with an annoying gas piston that keeps failing.

The operation of the MVS 31 is pretty automated. There are no complex dials or fine-tuned adjustments to be made. There is a simple-to-use digital panel that allows the operator to adjust the amount of air removed and the sealing time. The machine does the rest.

The MVS 31 does have the ability to be used with an inert gas kit (optional) for added food preservation. This means you can remove the air and replace it with another cuts down or eliminates bacteria.

Overall I am very impressed with the MVS 31. This machine is tough and is designed for commercial and industrial use without hesitation. The build quality is excellent, and for the price, is well worth it. It is designed to last you for years of reliable use.

You can find the Minipack MVS 31 vacuum food sealer here. You can find our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here.

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